Shift (2014)is a set of five books that were Shift-lab’s inaugural project as a collaborative group. Each artist created a book of identical dimensions with the theme of shift, a word that plays a fundamental part of our practice as artists and printmakers.

Content ranges from an investigation of the diggings of the Erie canal, images of a shifting body during sleep, the translation of glyphs and grid systems, two perspectives in a conversation, and the physical shift in a page. The set of five hand printed books are housed in a hand bound enclosure in an edition of 20. 

Denise Bookwalter, Shape-Shifting
"This book is about the complexity and beauty in a simple piece of paper as it shifts from a flat surface to a crumpled ball. The paper begins as a level space with straight lines of plaids but shifts to valleys and peaks revealing its topography. 3D modeling was used to distill the complexities of the crumpled sheet to lines and form creating a unique landscape visible only within the pages of the book.”
Tricia Treacy, {redirecting shift}
"{redirecting shift} is an visual narrative that translates characters (glyphs) and grid systems into a visual story. What is left when we delete or remove the content? It was inspired by strike-through text, glyphs and music."
Sarah Bryant, Shift in Position
"My take on shift: a shifting body during a restless night. The arrangement and rearrangement of the panels echoes the kind of repetitive half-dreaming that comes to me during periods of sleeplessness. The imagery in the book and the print comes directly from photographs of my body moving. The language, when read in different orientations, speaks about ways that we move and change without awareness."
Katie Baldwin, 1825–1862–1918 (Shift)
"The artist book and print investigate the three diggings of the Erie Canal. In the same way that the canal is dug and re-dug, a story is told and re-told. Each time, the canal’s expansion is accomplished with improved technology—a narrative repeated and rewritten from a new perspective."
Macy Chadwick, Shift in Perspective
"For my interpretation of *shift*, I looked at the same conversation from two different perspectives within the same mind. The dos-a-dos book format contrasts the two views. A romanticized view of a conversation on one side is full of layers and colors, imaginings and illogical interpretations; an analytical view on the other side applies charts and graphs to bits of the same imagery in search of meaning."